The Basics of Singing: The "U" Vowel by Carlo Colombara

The Basics of Singing: The "U" Vowel

The Historical Secrets to Singing Finally Revealed!

Maestro Carlo Colombara introduces one of the most important singing secrets, how to use the correct vowel, "u" for you to learn how to sing at your absolute best. Along with "Canto sul fiato,"  projecting the voice, the right breathing and the elusive "Appoggio," you will be well on your way to understanding and applying your knowledge of singing. These historical singing techniques of the Italian Bel Canto that have been passed down throughout history are not difficult to learn- but this clear information presented by Maestro Carlo Colombara is almost impossible to find-even in a music conservatory! This concentrated video lesson will be an important  key to singing your best, most beautiful, and most expressive. It is recommended to begin with the lessons on Appoggio/Respiration and Canto sul fiato/projection before  moving on to this video- "La Vocale U"- the U Vowel.  Italian audio with English subtitles.